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Case Study – Survival Adventure @ Dearne Valley Park (Hoyle Mill)

January 30, 2017 | Back to blog

During the summer the project piloted survival adventure as part of our programme of activities. This activity had been on young peoples’ wish list for a while and we are fortunate to have a member of staff with qualifications and experience in this field.

This pilot activity was based on the Forest School ethos of encouraging young people to get outdoors and be more active, making them more aware of their local green spaces and woods. Providing opportunities to achieve and develop self-esteem and confidence through hands on learning experiences in the natural environment.

As part of this session the group took part in a range of activities including:

  • preparing and caring for the woods (what to wear/how to behave/leave no trace)
  • outdoor play and team games
  • den building using natural and man-made resources
  • how to start a fire in a safe and contained way
  • basic camp cooking and woodland crafts
  • Woodland tidy up

For many of the participants’ one of the most valuable outcomes is the increased knowledge and understanding around looking after our woods and how to leave no impact on the environment. How they can make use of woodland areas’ within local communities to enjoy them, but not to destroy them or ruin the space for others. We also conducted a woodland tidy whilst in the area as part of the session and removed two black sacks of rubbish.
Young people really cherished the freedom these sessions offered them. To be outdoors, playing free, learning new skills, getting messy and mucky.

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