Case Study – Greenbelt Volunteers

We are incredibly grateful to the team of youth workers from YMCA Barnsley who played an invaluable role in the delivery of the youth programme at the Christian Arts Festival – ‘Greenbelt’

Comprising of a team of employees and volunteers and expertly overseen by Christie MacFarlane, YMCA Barnsley led a team from 9 different YMCA’s across the UK to facilitate a drop in café, workshops and seminar programme.

Ensuring that young people in attendance at Greenbelt had an adult free space to call their own within the festival and space within which they could create their own Greenbelt, YMCA Barnsley exceeded the aspirations of the festival directors.

“We wanted to acknowledge a huge debt for all you’ve done to transform the way we deliver our youth programme and support young people at the festival over the last few years. On reflection, it’s been nothing short of a transformation! A miracle of sorts”.  – Paul Northup | Creative Director, GREENBELT

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Case Study – Worsborough Music

Young people from Worsborough had the opportunity to work with a final year music and technology student to write, record and produce their own music video. The young people explored the musical styles they liked and listened to, the different roles involved in creating music they were interested in and finally themes that they would like to write lyrics about. Themes discussed included the pressures of being a young person, SATS, bullying and fear of trying new things because they might fail at it.

“I am more confident in myself, I believe I can do whatever I put my mind to. I have learnt that being unique and being myself makes everyone a lot happier… The project has made me realise that I am special and I can do it.”

The young people were very engaged and excited about the project and its next steps. They all had particular aspects of creating music that they were interested in, some shared they could play an instrument and they also discussed areas they felt they lacked confidence in. One girl expressed that she loved to sing but was afraid of getting it wrong or failing so wouldn’t sing in front of others. Throughout the project she was able to overcome this fear and supported by others in the group was able to sing vocals on the track.

They experienced workshops on writing lyrics, creating /recording the music using instruments, creating the music using technology and recording the lyrics /vocals.

Throughout the process the young people were engaged and motivated by the project idea, which contributed to building the emotional resilience of those involved, challenging them to develop their skills, building on their interests and aspirations and expressing themselves in a new and exciting way.

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