Case Study – Greenbelt Volunteers

We are incredibly grateful to the team of youth workers from YMCA Barnsley who played an invaluable role in the delivery of the youth programme at the Christian Arts Festival – ‘Greenbelt’

Comprising of a team of employees and volunteers and expertly overseen by Christie MacFarlane, YMCA Barnsley led a team from 9 different YMCA’s across the UK to facilitate a drop in café, workshops and seminar programme.

Ensuring that young people in attendance at Greenbelt had an adult free space to call their own within the festival and space within which they could create their own Greenbelt, YMCA Barnsley exceeded the aspirations of the festival directors.

“We wanted to acknowledge a huge debt for all you’ve done to transform the way we deliver our youth programme and support young people at the festival over the last few years. On reflection, it’s been nothing short of a transformation! A miracle of sorts”.  – Paul Northup | Creative Director, GREENBELT

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