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Be Active

Ben Nevis Challenge
Blackpool Tower Challenge
Scavenger Hunt
Active Dice
Active Fun
Active Indoors
Active Mind
Tic Tac Toe
Simon Says

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Be Creative Activities

Arts & Crafts Activities
Paper Latern
Rainbow Heart
Knitting Challenge
Milk Container Elephant
Paper Flowers
COVID-19 Time Capsule
Create Positive Memories
Design a Cartoon Challenge
Creative Competition
30 Day Doodle Challenge
Bird Feeders
Tincan Animals
Cress Head
Butterfly Check & Draw
Chime Making
Skittle Experiment
Moon Sand
Paper Flowers
Cardboard Box Challenge
Handprint Tree
Making Cards
Your own Cartoon Character
Spin Drill Art
Paper Plane Target Practise
Top 10 Chart Songs Anagram
World Record Challenges

Baking / Cooking Activities
Katie’s Krushem
Beverley’s Rasberry Buns
Veggie Bug Snacks
Easy Fork Biscuits
Cooking With Connor
Cake in a Mug
Fruit Kebabs
Pizza Boats
Rocky Road

Be Creative Ideas

  • Pete Mckee Cartoon WorkshopJoin Pete McKee in his online Cartoon workshops for Beginners! Pete will be posting cartoon workshop lessons every Wednesday, for the next few weeks. Something fun and creative to help break up the day, keeping young minds active in addition to their school work.
    Anyone can take part in these videos which will be uploaded to the Pete McKee YouTube channel. All you’ll need is a few pieces of paper, or whatever’s lying around, card, scrap paper etc., and some pencils or pens.


  • Try your hand at: Hand Shadow Art
hand shadow art Idea 1
hand shadow art Idea 2
  • Cardboard Tube Crafts
Cardboard tube crafts

Be Creative Links

  • Draw With Rob: Step by Step guides to creating different drawings – have a go!
  • Teenagers might like to join Company 3 in creating a Coronavirus Time Capsule:
    The Coronavirus Time Capsule is a project for groups of young people everywhere, created by Company Three.
Be Entertaining
      • Watch ‘The Shows Must Go On’, A YouTube Channel that will be streaming a full-length musical every Friday at 7pm GMT for free so you can bring the theatre home! It will be available for 48 hours, so you can tune in whenever you like over the weekend! First up, it’s Joseph! – ALW #GoGoGoJoseph #TheShowsMustGoOn
      • The Wizarding World: This website will be offering activities and free ebooks for all of the Harry Potter books that you can utilise.
      • David Walliams – Elevenses Audiobooks You can access one of David Walliams famous books online to listen to – they are great!
      • Entertaining Ideas
      • Fish Bowl Game
Be Imaginative Activities

Create a Short Story
David Walliams Books Anagram Challenge
Roald Dahl Books Anagram Challenge
Be an entrepreneur
Imagine Super Powers
Use your Imagination
Balloon Trip