Ethos, Vision, Values & Aims

Our Ethos, Vision, Values & Aims

Recognising its historic foundation, YMCA Barnsley maintains its Christian Ethos and promotes Christian values through the experience it offers to all. The Association welcomes, serves and works with persons of all religious faiths and of none.

Barnsley YMCA’s vision is to build a self-reliant community to facilitate supporting children and young people to enable them to belong, contribute and thrive, underpinned by the Christian ethos.

The way we act at Barnsley YMCA is characterised by five strong and distinctive values that flow from our Christian ethos.

  • We Seek Out
    We actively look for opportunities to make a transformative impact on young lives in the communities where we work, and believe that every person is of equal value.
  • We Welcome
    We offer people the space they need to feel secure, respected, heard and valued; and we always protect, trust, hope and persevere.
  • We Inspire
    We strive to inspire each person we meet to nurture their body, mind and spirit, and to realise their full potential in all they do.
  • We Speak Out
    We stand up for young people, speak out on issues that affect their lives, and help them to find confidence in their own voice.
  • We Serve Others
    We are committed to the wellbeing of the communities we serve and believe in the positive benefit of participation, locally and in the wider world.


The Association aims to empower young people by involving them in activities that stimulate, challenge and enable them to realise their potential and participate fully in their communities.As the expression of its Christian ethos Barnsley YMCA aims to:

  • provide a welcome to its members and in particular Young People for themselves in a meeting place which is theirs to share, where friendships can be made and counsel sought
  • develop activities which stimulate and challenge Young People in an environment that enables them to take responsibility to find a sense of achievement
  • involve all members in the care and work for others
  • create opportunities for exchanging views so that members can improve their understanding of the world, of themselves and of one another