From its inception over 170 years ago the YMCA has grown into a global movement which makes a real difference to millions of lives every day. It is the oldest and largest youth charity in the world, set up by Sir George Williams in England in 1844. Across England and Wales, we run as a federation with 133 local YMCAs’ working independently to support young people to belong, contribute and thrive in their communities.

Each YMCA in England and Wales is an individual, self-governing charity that affiliates to the National Council. Through this affiliation, YMCAs’ become part of the World Alliance of YMCAs’. As part of a worldwide movement, we help more than 58 million people in 119 different countries.

The YMCA is still the biggest Christian youth movement in the world. It is best seen as an international organisation delivering services locally. It is our beliefs that hold us together.

Traditionally YMCA services have delivered distinct, mainly stand-alone services tailored to meet the needs of specific communities. YMCA Barnsley is one of 133 YMCA organisations operating in nearly every local authority area in England and wales, which, in conjunction with YMCA George Williams College, Y Care International, YMCA Training and Central YMCA Qualifications and YMCA England, form the YMCA Federation in England.

YMCA Barnsley has provided young people with an opportunity to develop and realise their potential since 1857. Today, it continues to work with young men and women, regardless of race, religion and culture from its purpose developed youth centre and YMCA base at Blucher Street and at sites across the borough of Barnsley.